/ coming up roses /


Spring 15 is already in Fashion showrooms & rose prints are quickly becoming our fave among this season's expected array of floral prints. Walk into our Gift & Home showrooms and you'll see this rose motif is also strong among gifts, home decor, holiday & lifestyle collections. The look: vintage, romantic & ultra-feminine.


/ dia de los muertos by impromptu /

Pop art brings Day of the Dead and skull images to life. Created and designed by Barbara Zizi of Zizi Showroom, Impromptu, is quickly becoming one of our new favorite lines on the Gift & Home Showroom floors. 

Zizi Showroom | Suite C1251 | 213.623.2602 | email


See this line and more at the upcoming LA Gift & Home Market at the CMC, July 15-21.


/ don juan's reckless daughter /

Based in Venice, CA, Don Juan's Reckless Daughter is inspired by the LA lifestyle. This brand's image revolves itself around LA nightlife which includes music, fun, spontaneity and adventure. This line includes soft fabrics and "one size fits all" garments making Don Juan's Reckless Daughter fashionable and comfortable.


See this brand and more during LA Fashion Market, Aug. 4-7.


/ skylton paris premium denim /

/ new at the cmc /

August's LA Fashion Market will see the debut of a number of fab new lines & showrooms at the CMC, including Custo Barcelona (top), Nymfete (middle), and premium French denim brand Skylton Jeans (bottom). Get our new Brand & Showroom list here


/ alice's pig /

From Brixton, South London, Alice's Pig is inspired by vintage style with a twist of Alice in Wonderland. The brand's images comes from the sibling designers Amanda and Nicolai's love for the Lewis Carroll classic where "crazy is normal". Find this new Young Contemporary collection exclusively in the US at: 


See this brand and more during LA Fashion Market August 4-7.